El Colectivo Decantado

Colectivo Decantado

High time I dedicated a few words to my good mate the Decanted Collective, one of the most dedicated and amusing drinkers of the good stuff on the Madrid (and Brussels) wine scene. His greatest works are his video “instacatas” (“instatastings”) in which he launches an array of wine and pop culture knowledge at his audience from behind a big glass of well chosen wine. They are pretty funny and if you reckon you can speak Spanish  you should have a look (unless you are “winelover” or a “jipster”, in which case you might want to save yourself the aggravation).

This week it was Fino Imperial (and Ninja Turtles) but I recommend looking back at all of them – some really good wines and some half decent jokes on display, including the following sherries (aka katanas) and other wines you may have read about on here:

Your man knows his onions – last year he and Jimmy Bubbles (who co stars in some instacatas) picked up a big cheque at the Vila Viniteca cata por parejas – and clearly enjoys the occasional dip into the wines from El Marco. Colectivo Decantado, we salute you!



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