II Feria Montenegro 

Was lucky enough to be invited to an absolutely cracking event today by the guys at Montenegro. 

A select group of top quality bodegas were represented:

Boal de Arousa; Fil.Loxera; Adega Entre os Ríos; Gatzara; Vins Cia. de Vinos del Atlántico; Finca Teira; Callejuela; Sílice Viticultores; Fredi Torres Viticultor; Antoine Touton & Fredi Torres; Bigardo; Suertes del Marqués (con Medianías); Gregorio Martínez; Zorzal Wines; Lorea; Bruma del Estrecho; Las Bacantes; Valsangiacomo; Bodega Vidas; Carlos Valero; Los Loros/Juan Fco. Fariña; Charles de Cazanove; Europvin (negociant); Bodegas La Tapada (Guitián); and of course Cvne, Imperial, Viña Real and Contino.

And unusually for me I was able to maintain a semblance of spitting discipline throughout my (all too brief) stay, so am in a position to even opine about some of the wines – and some absolutely cracking stuff. 

Most exciting find of the day for this blogger was the preview of the pago (even vineyard) specific wines to be released by Callejuela, but the overall standard was excellent and there were some real gems.

Wines that stand out in the memory in particular were: the Komokabras albariños – in yellow and green – and their raposo cousin Vulpes Vulpes; the “toro hecho a mano” by Bigardo; a marvellous Montbourgeau Trousseau; the Charles Cazanove Millesime 2009; a really intriguing Mazuelo by Gregorio Martinez; a bevvy of distinct vineyard specific monestrells by Brumas del Estrecho; and some quite magnificent old classics from Cvne and Contino – the 2009 and 2008 Gran Reserva, no less.

But there were many more – some fascinating stuff and I just wish I had had more time to try them all. 


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