Cata de Lustau in Taberna Palo Cortado

It has been a big week in sherry terms and this was yet another interesting tasting of Lustau wines at Taberna Palo Cortado.

A selection of wines – with a fino and amontillados of different ages and types and a sobretabla and a first criadera of the amontillado thrown in. Made it very instructive indeed to see the progression from that sobretabla through fino to first criadera, then the amontillados of different ages (which I mentally filed as cherry tomato, hazelnut and sawdust).

A bit of a rowdy crowd including none other than Colectivo Decantado – but Carlos did his best to educate the masses and once the wines had been explained we all piled into an excellent dinner – tataki the ternera was brilliant and an excellent match for the wine – finishing with a luscious bottle of East India Solera.

I will need to find time to write up my notes properly but wanted to mark the occasion at least and express my thanks to Carlos from Lustau and Paqui for a great evening (and to Abel Valdenebro who brought along a special treat for afterwards: a Lustau amontillado from the 196os no less).

Thanks also to the wellwisher who said hello at the end and said such nice things about the blog. I am sorry I didn’t catch your name but many thanks indeed – really means a lot and hope to catch up again soon.


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