The end of en rama

This afternoon I deleted the en rama category off the blog. 

This is not a reflection on en rama wines. They are almost always more interesting than their filtered rivals and some are markedly better. Neither is it an objection to the concept: if you can save money on production  processes, make better wine and sell that wine for more money good luck to you. 

Rather, it had just got to the point that almost every wine on here was an en rama so as a category it became pointless – not discriminating enough and at the same time discriminating in the wrong way. While many many wines are “en rama” in the sense of being unfiltered or very lightly filtered many choose not to mention this. As a result the category ended up including all sorts of wines that for whatever reason made great marketing play of their unfiltered status and leaving out some other wines unfairly. 

But worry not – all the wines are still there in their respective categories. 


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