Taberna Averias 

Had a brilliant light lunch in Taberna Averias today and can’t believe I haven’t been here before. It is a neat little place – cosy – but absolutely chock-full of wine, and most of it by the glass.

A top spot for a sherry fan – according to the winelist on their web they have 21 by the glass, but I can’t help noticing that none of the sherries I saw today are on that list, so they could have more, or less, who knows? Embrace the uncertainty: they have plenty, which is certain.

They also have plenty of other wines – I kicked off with a Navazos Niepoort 2014 but after that the friendly chap behind the bar served me a couple of interesting wines I had never tried, which is always, always welcome. They were nice too, so no complaints.

As for the solids: I had a poached egg in a puree of some kind with truffle, together with half a tomato salad, but on the list they have the mandatory callos, steak tartare, smoked sardines, anchovies, cheeses, cheesecakes. Frankly, whatever your sherry pleasure you can probably pair it here too.

So welcome to the first of probably many posts from Taberna Averias. I am only sorry they were open eight months before I found them.






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