Pandorga 2014

We had this last night at the end of a cracking dinner with a really good little creme brulee (I took no photo of course so I am recyling one).  I also have one of these 100 year old PX beauties down here with me and was nearly tempted to open it but managed to rein myself in in time.

It really is an excellent little wine. A little apricot gem, sweet but mineral, tasty but fresh. Comparisons were made with late harvest rieslings but to me this has a bit more apricot and orange richness than you would find there. But it is a lot more than that: it is terroir specific (the Panesa vineyard, in Carrascal de Jerez), it is a pure expression of the fruit, and it has a specific vintage (2014, obvs). In fact it not only has a vintage, but by choosing to vary the asoleo (less asoleo for a cool season like this one, slightly more for a warm season like 2015), and fermentation without temperature control it almost exaggerates the qualities of that vintage.

But most importantly, a little gem of a wine.




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