Samaruco 2013

The second of three red wines made by Bodegas Luis Perez and big brother of the Garum. I really enjoyed the Garum 2014 this week and this is just as good or even better.

Whereas the Garum is Merlot, Syrah and Petit Verdot from various pagos, and with 12 months in american and french oak, this is just 50% Syrah and 50% Petit Verdot, from a single pago (Corchuelo, which according to this plan is just before Añina as you head out of Jerez – based on the label we are looking at the Vistahermosa vineyard), and with 16 months in new french oak.

My memory may be failing me but this seems very similar in colour to the Garum – the bodega describes it as black cherry which works for me. Of the two this is maybe a touch clearer. The nose has dark fruit and a slight herbal character – maybe not as much as the Garum but it is there – then on the palate it again has that dark fruit with salinity, then some chocolate, then soft tannins that dry but don’t bite, then maybe a little bit of bitterness and again a saline, mouthwatering finish.

Very nice, silky smooth stuff.




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