La Bota de Amontillado 61 – “Bota NO”

Acquired this little beauty from Coalla Gourmet and have been enjoying it little by little (started at Easter and finishing at the final round of the Masters).

No ficha for this one but based on the information on the Coalla site this is from one of a number of soleras in the La Guita bodega that have been untouched since the 1980s – Manzanilla Pasada, Manzanilla Pasada Vieja and Manzanilla Pasada Viejísima. Specifically, this is from the Solera 1/10 of Manzanilla Pasada Vieja but is in reality a very old amontillado. It is the second time they have released a wine from this solera – the first one being Number 31.

Don´t be deceived by the photo above – this is a lovely crystal clear dark orange amber. On the nose there are quite remarkable cigar box, tobacco, and woody aromas, some honey and burnt butter, and curry type flavours.

On the palate it has a beautiful zingy feel. The woody, cigar box flavours are there but so are those sweet flavours that hold them together and it doesn’t seem acidic or astringent. There is a tobacco like singe at the back end and it leaves you with those woody flavours for a long time.

Another really unique wine from Equipo Navazos – they really are remarkable.




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