The pagos of Jerez and Sanlucar

The picture above was taken from Miraflores looking towards the Atlantic. You can see Miraflores Alto in the foreground, then Miraflores Bajo and then Carrascal (de Sanlucar).

I took this photo yesterday during an unforgettable visit to the pagos with a group of great friends, lead by Ramiro Ibañez of Cota 45 and Federico Ferrer, the genial figure behind the Cuatro Gatos Wine Club. We started in Corregidor in Carrascal (Jerez) and made our way across the Jerez pagos – Carrascal, Macharnudo, Tizón, Añina and Balbaina – then on to the pagos in Sanlucar – the much missed Martin Miguel, Mahina,  Miraflores and Carrascal.

We visited some celebrated vineyards along the way and were able to see the lie of the land, and feel the differences in conditions. Although it was a beautiful sunny day, there were noticeable differences in breeze, temperature and humidity, and even more so in terrain – colour, shape, slope, orientation – these are a series of small vallies with different characters.

Then the day got even better as we visited Cota 45- the albariza laboratory or “albarizatorio” and had a close look at samples of the different types of albariza and, more importantly, tasted the wines from each different soil type.

It was a really great day and I will need a little time to write this up properly. In the meantime, I just wanted to take a moment to thank Ramiro and Federico for a really wonderful, inspiring experience.


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