Pedro Ximenez Niños 

What an absolute beast of a wine this is. Magnificent stuff.

And how poor a blogger am I? I was convinced I had written a long post about all the spicey herbs and menthol aromas at the back end of this wine but when I come to update it nowhere to be seen.

So here I am to try again. The scents have that eucalyptus tree freshness over a heavy, sugary, black treacle burntness, then white pepper. The initial taste is sweetness, then black treacle, which lingers a good long while, really long, and at the end those woody, cedar, menthol notes. It is an amazing combination of the viscous sweetness of the PX and the bitter severity of barrel ageing – it is an incredibly piercing nose then a sticky mouthfull that burns where it lingers.

This is awesome.


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