Fino en rama Cruz Vieja 

You can’t beat a fino en rama and I am enjoying this one by Bodegas Faustino Gonzalez.

According to the Ficha the wine is 100% palomino from Pago de Montealegre in Jerez Superior and has an average age under flor of 5-7 years (seems oddly approximate). There is no mention of the number of criaderas or sacas (or of which saca this is).

It is dark gold in colour and has that yeasty hay bale/undergrowth aroma – may even be a bit fungal – and bitter lemon or grapefruit. Big flavour – salty, bitter citrus, with nice integrated salinity and a longish, slightly soapy finish.

Maybe not quite as much definition or expression as some finos, but a yeasty mouthful and just what I needed on a Monday night.


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