El Cerro oloroso

Love this – an oloroso by Callejuela that is deep and rich but light and alive.

I do like the clear bottles and the way they let you see the colours of these wines. Having said that, in the bottle the wine is a rosy Horsechestnut brown although it seems a shade more yellow-brown in the glass. It has a big nose as you would expect (oloroso literally means “odourous”) with that “here comes sweetness” aroma of caramel and burnt cake.

On the palate it is zingy and acidic, really acidic, on the tongue first up but then it is fruity on the tongue, raisins and burnt but not bitter caramel – it is dry but with sweet leanings and it isn’t dusty or astringent. The texture is full bodied – not oily or syrupy but seems dense- frankly I think the texture suits the powerful flavours of the wine.  A long, long burn on the tongue, let alone the caramel flavours it leaves you with.

Really excellent.


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