Dialogo Jerezano (a Jerez conversation)

Wanted to preserve on this blog this excellent post by Pedro Ballesteros MW over on the Vila Viniteca blog – which is btw a great place to find great wine writing.

It is in Spanish and any summary I could do would not do it justice. To give you an idea, though, it is an imagined conversation between two friends in Jerez in a golden future 30 or more years from now, recounting (more in sorrow than in anger) the errors of the 20th Century and how sherry was saved from itself by the reintroduction of vintages, single vinyards, unfortified wines (amongst others). It combines history telling and analysis and nicely captures the optimistic mood and buzz that is around at the moment due to exciting new wines and projects (like the encrucijado I tried last week).  Will be interesting to see if he is right (I hope he is)!


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