Oloroso Tradicion  

This is a very highly rated oloroso by a label – Bodegas Tradicion -that is paradoxically newer than most of its wines and which has done as much as anyone to bring high quality sherries to market (and sell them)(for good money).

I love the information on the label – this is bottle number 1136/4200 from the first saca of 2014.  On the back it mentions that this has been aged in casks/botas “very” soaked in wine – and it has been in there a good good long while.

In colour it is at the orange/yellow end of the scale of browns and very clear. On the nose it has very pronounced caramel, baked citrus and a little alcohol – I don’t find it the most expressive nose for an oloroso.

On the palate it is balanced and zingy, full of burnt caramel flavours maybe not as big as expected but eternally long. On its label it talks about a concentration of aromas. I buy the concentration but I don’t pick out a lot of different things. On the other hand, it is superbly drinkable – a really elegant oloroso with no rough edges.

Very, very, good.


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