La Bota de Palo Cortado 34

This┬áis the wine that first made me sit up and take serious notice of sherry and it is still among my favourite wines. Just the thing to lift one’s spirits after the first long day of what promises to be a long week.

The first time I tasted this I was just blown away by the number of aromas, flavours, and spice. In part I was caught by surprise but even now I find this wine has a depth and and variety to rival anything. In fact now when I come back to it I am equally impressed by the sense of lightness and balance, the lack of astringency. It really is a masterpiece.

El Tresillo 1874

For me, this sherry is the boss.

It is a bright red, orangey chestnut in colour. On the nose there is caramel and some hints of fruit (orange and even ribena) and aromas of chocolate, tobacco, liquorice, cloves and spices.

On the palate it is elegant but has powerful flavours: black treacle, bitter baked oranges and dark chocolate. It really is awesome – in fact the first time I took it to a wine tasting it was overwhelming.

Overall, this is outstanding, and at 70 euro or so a bottle it is also outstanding value.