Tesco Barbadillo Nutty Amontillado

So here we go – bought this for six quid in a supermarket but then again, Barbadillo have put their name to it.

Attractive enough in colour, maybe not absolutely bright/crystal clear. On the nose it is toasted nuts and a little sweet and heavy – more like a liqueur than some amontillados.

On the palate it is indeed nutty – nice medium acidity and then nutty (toasted nuts) caramel/burnt caramel – some alcoholic heat coming through at the end and a bit of walnut skin bitterness.

Pretty good – not letting anyone down at that price for sure.

La Jaca

A nice little manzanilla, if a little lightweight. A clear, yellow gold, there are notes of apple on the nose, but it is light and floral rather than aromatic and herbal. Nice and fresh on the palate too – not too salty or dense. Very pleasant.

Xixarito manzanilla pasada en rama

The sort of thing that really brightens up a difficult day. (Seen here in a v fancy Riedel sherry glass – not sure I am convinced and am half tempted to ask for a proper glass but will not cause trouble.)

You can see the colour – it is a clear slightly watery yellow gold – this rates as pasada but it is not as dark as the Sacristia AB or maybe even the Equipo Navazos Bota 55.

Does not seem as fragrant as you might expect (the stemware?) – in fact it is really quite quiet – and again more fresh grass than the dry grass you might expect from a pasada.

Not sure though whether to blame the glass 100% because although it is salty and intense like a pasada – a briney, zingy, green olive flavour – it is not quite as expressive as those others mentioned.

Overall you would say a very nice manzanilla – maybe if I hadnt expected the “pasada en rama” I wouldn’t be grumbling. (To be fair those three words are definitely in the fine print of the funky label.)

Barbadillo Solear


It is ironic/inept that having decided to start writing down these thoughts I have spent a few days far from my own wines or any sources of decent sherry. After several “dry” days, this Solear was a sight for sore eyes and is going down a treat.

This is a classic manzanilla and seems to be made from sea air (not seawater, although if you are not used to manzanilla the saltiness is a bit of a shock) and unopened blossoms. It is a very pale green gold in colour, has an aroma of honeysuckle and wet grass (you can definitely smell mosto, but not the sweet notes of the apple) and in the mouth is fresh and slightly saline.