Valdespino Toneles

The bottle of the night Рprobably of the year/decade Рwas the little bottle at the end on the right Рthe Valdespino Toneles moscatel.

It is an almost opaque, black brown in colour and coats the glass and the aromas are superb – Christmas pudding mix up with raisins, sweet spices, chocolate and rum, pine trees, menthol, even pipe tobacco. You can just suck in noseful after noseful.

But that is only a prelude to the main event. It is a wonderful buttery syrup in the mouth with all of the above flavours and then some. It is an amazing mouthful of intense flavour, and has immense length Рminutes long Рsweet raisin then on to a higher plane Рwith chocolate  (reminded me of the filling of those old chocolate eclair toffees from when we were kids) taking over.

Really a superb and unique wine. Probably the most amazing I have ever tasted.


Happy Easter

Moscatel, sherry’s other grape variety, finally gets a look in – a nice glass of Hechizo with my torrija. Look at the colour – real body and caramel and light (well, not too heavy/syrupy) although maybe would be improved with a bit more acidity.