Fossi and veggies in Taberna Verdejo

Not just any veggies – the superb “Verde que te quiero verde” in Taberna Verdejo: horseradish, artichokes, borage, chard, asparagus and whatsit broccoli. Pairs with this gem of an amontillado – sharp, smooth and savoury rich – like a metaphorical glove. Appropriately enough too – although these days everywhere in Madrid seems to have a … Continue reading Fossi and veggies in Taberna Verdejo

Amontillado fino Fossi

Lovely. Have just finished lunch around the corner but thought I would call into Lakasa and this little beauty, by Primitivo Collantes and the famous Finca Matalian, is pure pleasure. If there is a more drinkable, enjoyable sherry I know not what it is. Brilliant lush toffee and spikey minerals in balance. Lovely. 

#4GWFEST2018 – Part 2 – Primitivo Collantes and the king of grapes

Another of the wines on my wishlist at the Cuatrogatos Wine Fest this weekend is in the almost unmarked bottle on the right above: a white wine from Uva Rey planted and grown by the great, criminally unheralded, Primitivo Collantes. A lot of good things are happening down in Andalucia these days and whatever good things … Continue reading #4GWFEST2018 – Part 2 – Primitivo Collantes and the king of grapes