Fossi and veggies in Taberna Verdejo

Not just any veggies – the superb “Verde que te quiero verde” in Taberna Verdejo: horseradish, artichokes, borage, chard, asparagus and whatsit broccoli. Pairs with this gem of an amontillado – sharp, smooth and savoury rich – like a metaphorical glove. Appropriately enough too – although these days everywhere in Madrid seems to have a … Continue reading Fossi and veggies in Taberna Verdejo

Amontillado fino Fossi

Lovely. Have just finished lunch around the corner but thought I would call into Lakasa and this little beauty, by Primitivo Collantes and the famous Finca Matalian, is pure pleasure. If there is a more drinkable, enjoyable sherry I know not what it is. Brilliant lush toffee and spikey minerals in balance. Lovely.